Saturday, 10 August 2013

Book Launch, The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

I cannot really believe my book is actually out. This the hottest day of the year so far, Thursday 1st August. With around 150 people attended over the course of three hours. It is moments like this that do not happen often in life, but make special memories. All the photography is by David Paul Betts. Except the image with him in it, his wife Heather took that shot.

Left: Katie French who worked with me closely on the book. Katie had the task of formatting the book.


With my band of photographers, who if it was not for them my book would have looked entirely different. I have been blessed. Right to left Paul Cotton, me, Julie Yeo & David Paul Betts. Sadly David Shih could not be with us. David is from Shanghai, China and had to return home as his visa had expired. When I met David Shih he was finishing his M.A in photography at one of the London university's.

Work on display

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