Friday, 29 August 2014

"Embroidered Art" translated into French

I had no idea my book had been translated into French by the French publishing house "Les Editions De Saxe", until I received a package in the post, and my astonishment to discover my daughter's face on the front cover. This image is my all time favourite, and perfect in my opinion as a front cover. How exciting!!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Art In Action, Waterperry House, Oxford

The sculptures at the entrance of  "Art In Action" This exhibition has been running 30 years + and grown into a very unique show. Each marquee has a different art form being demonstrated by around 20 artists. I was in the textile tent with a lovely group of fellow textile artists.

My exhibition space, where I was demonstrating over the four days. The weather was hot and humid, and while I do not generally suffer with the heat, at one point I was so hot I sat with my feet in a bucket of water behind my desk.

My submission being exhibited in "The Best Of The Best" Marquee.


West Dean College, Chichester

Just a couple of weeks ago I spent a day teaching three short sessions. We made embroidered cards. Then in February I will be teaching a five day course in three dimensional embroidery. West Dean is such a fantastic venue, set in fabulous grounds. I just cannot Waite! 
Dear Lindsay,
Thank you so much for a fabulous afternoon workshop yesterday. As taster days go, you have me hooked.
Having got home, I find that I have now ordered from ebay an embroidery foot, some new pins, fabric and other necessaries. While waiting for them to arrive I have managed to continue (without foot - lol) and without hoop (doesn't fit under needle (till sprung foot arrives). I have found I can hold the disolvable fabric taught with both hands . Obviously an 'elf and safety nightmare invisible to boffins that police these sorts of things, however, I am managing to continue in an enthusiastic fashion and happy that I don't have to wait till Thursday when the postie should deliver (a lifetime!)