Thursday, 13 March 2014

Book Spotting!!

My book found in bookshop in Joburg Germany. If you happen to find my book, I would love to be sent an image. It might sound sad, but it's the little things in life that make us happy.
Book found in Ryde Library

Kew Book Shop
Hello Lindsay
I just wanted to tell how how inspirational you have become to me.  I got your book out of the library and over a McDonalds coffee, I quite literally devoured it.  I was blown away.  I bought my own copy, then some soluble fleece!!
I am new to the world of textile art, having sewn, patchworked, dressmaked etc over the years, and have recently re-discovered my love of it.  I have joined the embroiderers guild and am off to my first meeting tonight.  I didn’t know this ‘type’ of sewing/artwork existed, its fabulous, I can’t wait to get stuck in this weekend.  Angela
Victoria & Albert Museum
Waterston's, Piccadilly Circus, London 

Art && Archaeology


Last Summer the QuayCraft group of artists joined forces with the Damerham archaeology site, excavation, run by Dr Helen Wickstead of Kingston University. Demerhan is a small village in Hampshire, located on the river Avon, close to the Dorset border.

This is the groups response. "Art & Archaeology"

"Soil" by Lindsay Taylor

Soil detail

Photograph used as inspiration for Soil.