Wednesday, 25 October 2017

'Design London' London Design Festival

 It all starts with a blank wall. The first job was to paint it black.

I had a wonderful size stand. 6x1 allowing me to show both my new range of interior products along side my embroidered art.

Detailed shot

The gallery of cushions.

My Orchid Wall

Meeting Hong Kong artist Justin Y. Justin paints with his fingers.

My great neighbors- We had such fun and were so supportive during the event. 

Emma O'Brennan-Pizer of Wilful Ink with her beautiful wallpaper. It was a shame I chose to photograph her when she did not have a matching dress to compliment her wallpaper.

Peter and Aoife McGuire of McGuire Glass with his amazing botanical glass. wall. I would love to have some of this in my home.

Last but not least, Poppy Westwell with her fabulous home furnishings range. Poppy also has a love of all things botanical and bright.